Pipistrello - An Iconic Lamp Collection in Unique Designs

The iconic Pipistrello table lamp was first created by the world-renowned architect Gae Aulenti in 1965, who used a casting technique for the lampshade that was completely unique and innovative for its time.

Pipistrello means “bat” in Italian, and the table lamp’s distinct design was inspired by the shape of bat wings. This design quickly made the lamp a hit, and it became hailed as a timeless classic shortly after its release. The table lamp remains a popular and beloved lighting choice all over the world and is even featured in museums in multiple countries.

The Pipistrello collection was created by the Italian lighting brand Martinelli Luce, which is well-known as an innovative brand with a long, established history within modern lighting. Many of the individual table lamps in this attractive collection are available in different variants, colours, and sizes - however, a lot of them also have smart functionality, such as a telescope system for height adjustment and a smart touch dimmer.

At Lampefeber, we are crazy about the different Pipistrello lamps that make up this lighting collection, as well as the rest of Martinelli Luce's lights. Some of the different types of Pipistrello lamps that we have in our range include:

An eye-catching design, good lighting and exciting functionality make this lighting collection perfect for both the home and more professional surroundings, such as restaurants, hotels, and workplaces. If you want help finding the right Pipistrello lamp for you, or you want to hear more about our other lighting collections, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.