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Fabbian Lights - Stylish Italian Lighting

The Italian lighting brand Fabbian Illuminazione was founded in 1961 as a manufacturer of home lighting. At the beginning of Fabbian’s history the high level of quality of their lights and lamps, with almost the entire production being handmade, led to international acclaim. The high quality of the materials, designs and functionality is still keeping Fabbian established as a leader in exclusive and impressive designs - particularly the Fabbian Ice Cube and the Beluga has gained huge popularity.

In May 2018 the company was taken over by new owners with a new vision and a lot of exciting lighting projects. For example, they want to transform Fabbian’s lights and lamps to LED products combined with exciting designs and sustainability.

Today, many of Fabbian’s lights and lamps are designed by renowned Italian designers such as Marc Sadler, Roberto Pamio and Paolo De Lucchi. This is a clear sign of Fabbian’s high emphasis on stylish Italian design.

Fabbian’s Ice Cube and Beluga

Fabbian is famous for decorative and technical lighting for businesses as well as private homes where particularly Ice Cube and Beluga are flagship designs. At Lampefeber, we have a large and exciting range of lamps and lights from the Italian lighting manufacturer.:

Besides the many beautiful Fabbian lights we also have other brands in our range, so you can easily find beautiful and effective lighting for your entire home. However, it is particularly Fabbian’s Beluga and Ice Cube lights that stand out and remain popular year after year - and with good reason, as this is world-class design.

Whether you are after the minimalist Ice Cube wall lights for your bathroom or other Fabbian icons you can count on high quality, elegant Italian design and plenty of functionality. And if you have questions about our Ice Cube or Beluga lights - or other Fabbian lights - we would love to hear from you on +45 8636 1722 or mail@lampefeber.com.