Dipping Light

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Dipping Light - Eye-Catching Lights in Colourful Designs

Dipping Light was designed by the lighting brand Marset, which is one of the most popular brands at Lampefeber… and for a good reason!.

The Spanish brand is known for high-quality decorative and innovative lighting, and the Dipping Light collection is no exception. The lighting collection adds colour, life, and energy to your rooms, and would be an eye-catching and beautiful supplement to your décor, even when the lights are turned off. The lights in the collection are available in multiple variants, giving you the opportunity to choose one or more lights that fit in perfectly with your home, including:

During the manufacturing process, the lampshades were dipped into three different colours, resulting in the lights’ distinctive and colourful design. Each combination of graduating colours has its own lighting effects, creating different atmospheres but the same magical glow. They are almost works of art, and can be incorporated into many different styles of interior design.

Dipping Light is modern lighting at its most colourful and eye catching. If you are looking for exclusive lights that are anything but boring, then you need look no further than this lighting collection. If you want to hear more about this amazing lighting collection from Marset, or need help with your choice of lights, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.