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Add Elegant Design with Martinelli Luce Lights and Lamps

The lighting manufacturer Martinelli Luce, founded by Elio Martinelli, is based in the beautiful and scenic Toscana. From the beautiful surroundings the innovative brand, which is currently managed by Emiliana Martinelli and Marco Ghilarducci, have created numerous lamp and light classics - you may already know Martinelli Luce’s Pipistrello and Cobra.

Martinelli Luce’s lights have characteristic and modern designs through three generations. That’s why the company is a popular brand today with lamps and lights exhibited in museums and elite art galleries. Furthermore, the lighting manufacturer has, for many years, collaborated with a number of famous and excellent designers, such as Marc Sadler, Karim Rashid, Brian Sironi and Design Lab Oma.

With more than 50 years of history behind them producing numerous decorative lights and lamps as well as technical lighting, Martinelli Luce’s lights and lamps are definitely functionality, quality and design at the highest level.

Martinelli Luce Cobra and Pipistrello Lead the Way

At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of Martinelli Luce lights and lamps, which can be used all around your home. This gives you the option to choose stylish and functional lighting for all the different areas of your home:

In our large lamp selection, which also includes other famous brands, Martinelli Luce is a popular choice - especially Martinelli Luce Cobra and Pipistrello are among the most famous and well-designed lamps. For example, the Cobra design by Elio Martinelli and the Pipistrello and Ruspa designs by architect Gae Aulenti are displayed in some of the world’s largest and most renowned design museums.

Do you love Martinelli Luce Cobra or Pipistrello? Or do you want other types of exclusively designed lamps from the traditional and talented lighting brand? Then you’ll find them here at Lampefeber. If you have questions about Cobra or Pipistrello or need help choosing another perfect light from our selection of Martinelli Luce lights and lamps, you are welcome to contact us on +45 8636 1722 or