Egger Licht Outdoor Lamps

Add Stylish Lighting Outside with Egger Licht's Outdoor Lights

Modern lighting should not only be restricted to inside the home. Functional lights in elegant and modern designs can really do wonders for your outdoor areas, be it the patio, path, or garden. Outdoor lighting solutions from Egger Licht give you both exclusive design and efficient outdoors lighting, so that you have both practical light and something beautiful to look at.

At Lampefeber, we are crazy about the simple and amazing designs of Egger Licht’s outdoor lights. The Austrian lighting brand focuses on stylish outdoor lighting that fits in perfectly with Scandinavian styles when it comes to design in - and around - the home.

Regardless of the type of light solutions you want to use outside, we have a wealth of exciting lighting solutions in amazing designs, including standing garden lights, downlights, and free-standing spotlights. In addition to outdoor lights from Egger Licht, we have a wide range of modern lights from many other lighting brands that are guaranteed to produce attractive light for your outdoor areas.

All our outdoor lights are approved for outside use. Therefore, finding the perfect outdoor light or lights in our range for your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences is easy. If you need help with your choice, or if you have any questions about the IP classification of our lights, do not hesitate to get in touch.