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Grupa - Exclusively Designed Lamps and Lights

Grupa is a design studio from Croatia based in the capital, Zagreb. The lighting brand has gone from being a successful, award-winning design studio producing many beautiful designs for other companies for years, to now producing their own lighting collection. This means that today Grupa is one of the few truly independent design studios and a really exciting lighting brand that creates innovative and functional lighting for businesses as well as private homes.

Today the company produces and distributes their own high-quality designs under their own brand: Grupa And of course you’ll find Grupa lights at Lampefeber in our large selection of stylish lights, for example the popular Arigato series.

Grupa’s lights are known for innovative design, exciting functionality and great flexibility. The lights not only give a great light but also reflect craftsmanship and quality at the highest level.

Arigato Lights - Grupa’s Flagship in Stylish Lighting

At Lampefeber, we stock a large selection of functional lamps and lights from Grupa which are easy to use all around the rooms of your home:

We are especially pleased to be able to offer the popular Arigato light in our store - a collection that includes floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights. The different Arigato lights and lamps are all known for their minimalist and stylish expression as well as a high level of flexibility and functionality. Croatian Grupa Products has definitely nailed it with their Arigato lights and lamps.

Whether you are after great offers on Arigato lamps or not you get plenty of value for money with an Arigato floor lamp, an Arigato wall light or an Arigato ceiling light. You can be sure that your home will get a good dose of style - because the Arigato series fit perfectly with a variety of different styles of decor.

If the beautiful Arigato lamps and lights or other Grupa lights are not your thing, then you’ll find many other popular brands at Lampefeber. If you have questions about our range of Grupa lights, or need help choosing a particular Arigato light, you are welcome to contact us on +45 8636 1722 or