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A Wide Range of High-Quality Light Bulbs

At Lampefeber, you can purchase designer lights in a wealth of different designs and materials. However, amazing lights are not worth much if they cannot do their job. That is why you can also purchase light bulbs from us online, so that your lamp always produces the right light.

As part of our wide range of lighting accessories, we have a large variety of bulbs, whether you want globe light bulbs, which are large, decorative bulbs with amazing and eye-catching designs, or bulbs with a more traditional appearance. If you are looking for the right LED light bulbs for your lights, we are guaranteed to have multiple options for you to choose from.

When you buy light bulbs online, you have to rely on the pictures and product description, as you are not able to see or touch them as you would be able to in a physical shop. Therefore, it is important that you check the type of socket that the light bulb has in order to ensure that it will fit your light. You should also check the number of lumens, instead of the wattage, which is the unit generally used to measure the strength of LED bulbs.

Why Should I Buy LED Light Bulbs?

Great question! There are many good reasons to buy LED bulbs instead of the traditional halogen bulbs or CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs. LED bulbs are an energy-efficient light source, based on LED technology. Some of the most significant advantages of LED bulbs include:

  • Turning on immediately
  • Having an extremely long lifespan
  • Low energy consumption
  • Being a cheap light source
  • Many different shapes and sizes
  • Producing less heat than halogen bulbs
  • Being more environmentally friendly than CFL bulbs

At Lampefeber, we are passionate about the environment. That is why we sell a variety of energy-efficient LED bulbs in our online shop, giving you the ability to choose exactly the right light bulb for your functional needs and stylistic preferences, without negatively impacting the climate.

Our range includes the most common varieties of LED light bulbs, such as E27 bulbs, otherwise known as Edison bulbs with a large screw socket. If you are looking for an E27 LED bulb, we are guaranteed to have one that fits both your light and your taste for good style and quality. We only stock high-quality LED light bulbs from well-known brands.

Achieve Decorative Lighting with LED Globe Light Bulbs

In addition to providing good lighting for life's many different activities and chores, LED light bulbs can also have a decorative purpose by positively contributing to the interior design of a home.

At Lampefeber, we offer a variety of decorative bulbs, such as globe light bulbs, which are large bulbs that have an elegant design and are more eye-catching than traditional bulbs. It goes without saying that we also sell LED globe bulbs, as energy-efficient solutions in attractive designs are extremely popular. We have seen evidence of this ourselves in our online shop, as many customers have purchased LED globe light bulbs precisely due to their elegant, decorative qualities.

Our range of LED deco bulbs enables you to have decorative light bulbs that produce comfortable lighting and create a beautiful atmosphere. For this reason, they are often used in the living room or on the dinner table, where the big bulbs can really come into their own, for example, in pendant lights or pendant clusters.

Shop New Light Bulbs Online at Lampefeber

Lampefeber has a variety of light bulbs for every light in your home. No matter if you need an E27 bulb or want mood lighting from a decorative light bulb, we have multiple smart light bulbs to choose from. So, check out our selection and find the bulbs that you need for a decent price and with quick delivery.

Do you have any questions about our range of LED bulbs? Or do you need help choosing a certain type of light bulb? Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our skilled lamp specialists, who will be happy to help you.