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Find the Perfect Marset Lamp or Light at Lampefeber

Marset is a Spanish lighting designer and manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain. The company was established in the 1940’s as a family business and is still run by the family today namely the two brothers, Javier Marset and Carlos Marset.

Marset is known for their world-class decorative lighting, which is due to their use of innovative designers who have been excellent at interpreting Marset’s philosophy regarding lighting and lamps.

Marset’s lights and lamps reflect the company’s values and focus on design, quality, technology, innovation, sustainability, durability and authenticity. Furthermore, in the last year the lighting brand has received several design awards which clearly shows that the company manages to unite style and design with functionality and technology.

Today, Marset lights and lamps can be seen all over the world. Their designs have a broad appeal among lighting enthusiasts and, especially in Scandinavia, we have become used to seeing Marset’s lamps - especially their battery lamps, with the Follow Me table lamp being the most popular.

Follow Me and Discoco - Two Iconic Lights

At Lampefeber, we have a large and exciting range of lamps and lights including a number of different Marset lights and lamps:

Lamps and lights from Marset reflect style, quality and functionality which is particularly evident in the icons Follow Me and Discoco as well as the popular Ginger-lamps.

The rechargeable Follow Me table lamp is not only stylish and effective but also portable and possible to use all around your home. And with the option to choose between a small and a large Follow Me lamp in different colours there is no reason not to own this iconic table lamp. Similarly, the Discoco light gives you plenty of exclusive style for your home due to the impressive design. Here, you can also choose between different colours and sizes, which makes a Discoco light ideal for, for example, your living room or your hallway.

Do you want a beautiful Discoco ceiling light? Or is the Follow Me table lamp at the top of your wish list? At Lampefeber, you’ll find both icons and many other beautiful Marset lights and lamps with exclusive designs. Regardless of which room in your house you want to buy a stylish Marset light for, you can be sure to find the right one in our range which also include several other popular brands.

If you want to know more about our selection of lamps and lights or have questions for a specific lamp such as Marset Follow Me or the Discoco light, feel free to contact us on +45 8636 1722 or