Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are beautiful and available in a wealth of different designs, sizes, colours and materials. They add style and effective lighting to your home - that’s why your choice of ceiling light has a great influence on you and your home.
At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of high-quality designer ceiling lights. Our many lights and lamps are created by international designers and award-winning brands that master the combination of design and function. Here, you’ll find large ceiling lights, modern ceiling lights, copper ceiling lights, gold ceiling lights and many other types of ceiling lights - with fast delivery, of course.
If you need help choosing the perfect ceiling light for your home or have questions about a particular light, we are happy to help you - contact us on +45 8636 1722 or mail@lampefeber.com.

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Ceiling lights create the perfect lighting and atmosphere

The ceiling light is one of the most important lights in our homes. For example, when we gather around the dining table, the sofa or in the kitchen, the ceiling light provides great lighting, whether it’s effective and focused or cosy and dimmed. But most designer ceiling lights are also eye catching because of their location, design and size - that’s why high-quality ceiling lights in exclusive designs also add great style to your home.

As opposed to pendants hanging from the ceiling attached to a chord, ceiling lights are installed directly onto your ceiling. As with cluster pendants, where several pendants are combined, you can buy ceiling clusters that combine several different lights. They are both beautiful and functional when you want a stylish and effective light.

The classic ceiling light has one light that provides the necessary light but if you want your ceiling light to light up a larger area or room, it might be an idea to try creating light zones and use more than one ceiling light. This could be a combination of spot lights and ceiling lamps to create a varied and comfortable light in the room. Apart from the extra light, the use of spot lights, or several ceiling lights, creates a completely different look.

Where in your home is a ceiling light suitable?

As most of the rooms in your home needs light from above, there are ceiling lights available in many different styles, sizes, colours and materials - some can be used in several rooms while others are specifically for one type of room or area.

At Lampefeber, we offer a large selection of ceiling lights in beautiful designs for different areas of your home, such as:

It goes without saying that good lighting is important in your home. That’s why it makes sense to combine a ceiling light with a wall light or a floor lamp. Here, you can combine the lights and lamps the way you want to create your personal expression.

Designer ceiling lights from international brands

Do you want your ceiling lights to provide effective light while being beautiful and adding a stylish touch to your home? Then look no further. At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of classic and modern ceiling lights created by international lighting brands and designers, such as Martinelli Luce, Egger Licht, LOOM Design, Marset and Grupa.

We regularly add new ceiling lights to our range, which means you can find both high-quality discounted ceiling lights and stylish designs as well as the latest trends in ceiling lighting. At Lampefeber, you can buy different types lights for your ceiling, such as:

  • Small and large ceiling lights
  • Classic and modern ceiling lights
  • Glass, copper, brass, wooden or bamboo ceiling lights
  • Ceiling lights in white, black, gold and many other colours

At Lampefeber, we focus on lights that are of high quality and exclusively designed. Many of our lamps and lights have won international awards for their designs and functionality. So, what you get is both functional and effective lights for your ceiling, which are also decorative and beautiful. This means you can freely choose one or more lights for your ceiling that meet your requirements.

Tips for buying ceiling lights

When buying designer ceiling lights online it’s always important to ask yourself some questions about the type of light you want. That way it’s easier for you to decide what you need and choose the right ceiling light. This could be questions such as:

  • How big is the area that I want my ceiling light to cover?
  • Do I need a focused light source for work or a cosy dimmed light?
  • Do I want more than one ceiling light? Perhaps combined with spot lights?
  • Do I want my ceiling light to match the style of my wall light or floor lamp?

At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of designer ceiling lights, which means we have many different types of lights. Whether you want a classic or modern ceiling light, a small or a large ceiling light, or a glass or copper ceiling light, we offer a wide range of beautiful functional designer lights. This means you can freely choose a light for your ceiling that perfectly matches your needs and your home.

If you are unsure which designer ceiling light to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. We are experienced in ceiling lights for different rooms, needs and styles of decor. So, we can easily help you find the perfect light for you and your home. But don’t forget to check out our many other stylish lamps and exciting lighting collections that will spread joy and light in your home.