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A Wide Range of High-Quality Ceiling Canopies for your Lights

A ceiling canopy is essentially a cover that provides a finishing touch to the appearance of your ceiling light. Its purpose is to hide the place in the ceiling where your ceiling light has been installed and the wires are assembled. Therefore, a ceiling canopy enables you to create a much more attractive expression than when you can easily see the light hook and wire assembly.

The clever thing about ceiling canopies is that you can buy them in a variety of designs and styles. This means you can easily customise your lighting solutions to fit in with your lighting and aesthetic preferences. They do not necessarily need to be boring - they are a part of your lights and are therefore worth being adapted to your home's style of lighting and decor.

At Lampefeber, you can find a wide and varied range of ceiling canopies for use all around your home. We also have other types of lighting accessories  that make it possible to achieve lighting in your home that perfectly matches your taste and needs.

Canopies for Different Lights and Needs

A ceiling canopy is not just a ceiling canopy. There are ceiling canopies for lights in all shapes, colours, materials and designs imaginable. The functionality and technology may also vary, as different lighting brands use different approaches. In other words, when it comes to buying light and accessories that fit your functional needs as well as stylistic preferences, the possibilities are almost endless.

At Lampefeber, you can find a wide selection of canopies in various shapes - round, rectangular and cylindrical - and that fit various lights.

For example, if you are looking for a 2-part canopy or a canopy that has space for two or three lights and their cables, we are guaranteed to have just what you are looking for. If you want something completely extraordinary, you can even buy some that can hold 7, 14, 24 and 36 lights, in order to create an impressive and eye-catching pendant cluster.

Ceiling Canopies or Ceiling Rosettes - Which Should I Choose?

Sometimes, certain things have multiple names. This is certainly the case for ceiling canopies, which you might know by the name “ceiling rosettes”; a ceiling canopy and a ceiling rosette refer to the same thing.

At Lampefeber, you can find a wide range of ceiling canopies that will allow you to assemble your lights exactly as you want them, no matter if you are looking for a ceiling canopy for one light or multiple lights (e.g. one ceiling canopy for three lights).

In most cases when you buy a lamp from Lampefeber, a ceiling canopy will be included with your purchase. However, it may not be 100% according to your taste. Therefore, we stock an amazing variety to ensure that your light has just the right look.

Need Help with Your Purchase?

We have a wide and varied range for you to browse. This means you can find precisely the type or shape of ceiling canopy that you need, whether it is meant to hold one light or multiple lights. It goes without saying that all our canopies are of a high quality, and are therefore strong, durable, and efficient.

At Lampefeber, our goal is to make buying ceiling canopies easy for all our customers. Therefore, if you have questions about our selection of ceiling canopies and ceiling rosettes, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help you with good advice and inspiration so that you can make the best decision in relation to your wants and needs.