Arigato - Striking Lights in a Minimalist Design

Arigato is a lighting collection from the Croatian lighting brand Grupa. Grupa is an international name within modern lighting, particularly known for their innovative and functional lights in beautiful designs. Their impressive Arigato lights are no exception.

The lighting collection was inspired by Japanese chopsticks, known as “hashi” - which can clearly be seen in the eye-grabbing Arigato lights. The word “arigato” is also Japanese and means “thank you very much”.

The lights in the collection are all assembled by hand from high-quality materials, proving that the collection is much more than just good lights - it is also an example of world-class craftsmanship. There is no doubt that Arigato represents the pinnacle of designer lighting, and it is hardy a wonder that the lighting collection is also extremely popular.

Arigato Lights Are a Popular Choice at Lampefeber

At Lampefeber, the Arigato lighting collection is not only one of our favourite collections, but it is also popular among our customers. Arigato is a perfect match for customers who have an eye for both design and quality

Our selection of lights from the Arigato collection includes wall lights, ceiling lights and floor lamps, such as:

Since this lighting collection has many different variants, sizes and colours, there is ample opportunity to make Arigato a focal point of your home decor. The individual and stylish design can easily be incorporated into many different styles, rooms, and surroundings both privately and in more professional environments, such as offices and meeting rooms. In addition, the lights’ ability to rotate and adjustability mean that you get efficient lighting that adapts to your needs.

Stylish Lighting is Easy with Arigato

At Lampefeber, we are crazy about lights in individual and stylish designs that simultaneously prioritise functionality, which is why we adore this lighting collection. We can therefore guarantee that these amazing lights will bring you nothing but joy (in addition to excellent lighting).

Whether you prefer Arigato’s double ceiling lights, wall lights or floor lamps, you are certain to find the perfect match in our range. We also have great deals on Arigato lights in our online shop for those interested in finding modern lighting at amazing prices.

Do you have any questions about a particular light in the Arigato collection? Or do you need help choosing the right light that will make the interior design across the rooms in your home more cohesive? Do not hesitate to get in touch - we will be more than happy to help.