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Brands are the site where they can see the various lamps from the lamp manufacturers as Lampefeber A / S today is general importer and distributor for in Scandinavia. By clicking on the various lamp manufacturers, you can go to the page that represents the lamp manufacturer's lamps. Manufacturers come from several different countries: Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Croatia, England, Austria and Brazil. Take a look at the various lamp manufacturers and get inspiration for choosing the perfect lamp for your needs. You can also learn more about our brands by going to catalogs and see the individual company's full range of lamps.

Marset - Spain - decorative lighting - known for FollowMe and a great innovative design program.
Martinelli Luce - Italy - decorative and technical light - known for classic lamps such as Pipistrello and Cobra.
Studio Italia Design - Italy - decorative lighting - known for the Ovi lamp and Kelly series.
Fabbian - Italy - decorative and technical lighting - known for Ice cube and Beluga lamp series.
Nyta - Germany - decorative and functional lamps - known for the award-winning Tilt lamp series.
Top Light - Germany - known for its exciting and large mirror program and the Puk lamp series.
Chors - Poland - Innovative and functional lighting - known for the Ambiente lamp.
Lumini - Brazil - decorative lighting - known for the Bossa series - has received many design awards. - Germany - perhaps Germany's foremost manufacturer of outdoor lighting - lots of design awards.
Egger Licht - Austria - decorative and functional lighting and outdoor lighting in mid-segment.
Grupa - Croatia - innovative and functional lighting - known for the Arigato lamp series.
Terence Woodgate - England - decorative lighting - known for the Solid Lamp series.