Bookshelf Lamp

Lamps for the Bookshelf

Bookcase and shelf lighting is a type of lighting that many don’t consider when looking for beautiful and effective lighting for their home. But it’s definitely a good idea to think about lamps for your shelves and bookcases for your interior design, since they are both practical and add style to your home.

At Lampefeber, you can buy beautifully designed, high-quality shelf lamps. We stock a large selection of stylish shelf lights that not only provides great light but are also amazing to look at - even when switched off.

If you have questions about our selection of bookcase and shelf lighting you are welcome to contact us on +45 8636 1722 or We are happy to help you choose the perfect shelf lamp - and you get fast delivery, of course.

Large Selection of Stylish Bookcase and Shelf Lighting

At Lampefeber, we stock a huge range of beautiful and elegant lamps for bookcases and shelves and other places in your home where you need compact, but effective, lighting. These are, for example, table lamps and battery lamps.

In our range we have made an effort to give you the freedom to choose shelf and bookcase lighting, and other lighting types, for a range of different purposes and needs - and that goes for bookcase lighting, too. Because bookcase and shelf lamps works really well in your living room, bedroom and your home office, and a shelf lamp is also a great option for your kitchen or other rooms in your home.

We’re always adding new lamps and lights to our selection of stylish lighting, which also include LED shelf lighting. Here you can also find great lighting offers for your bookcase or shelves, with exclusive designs and international quality. So, explore our large selection of lighting to find the perfect bookshelf lamp.

Shelf Lighting from Popular Lighting Brands

At Lampefeber, we love lamps - especially small compact shelf lamps which are, above all, practical and versatile but also exude style and quality. That’s the case for many of the bookcase and shelf lights in our range. There is plenty to choose from if you are looking for bookcase lighting to create a cosy atmosphere, help you orientate or give you a clear work light. And, of course, we also have LED shelf lights so you can save money without compromising on quality and design.

We stock a wide range of bookcase and shelf lights designed by famous lighting manufacturers such as Martinelli Luce, Fabbian and Marset. These brands, as well as others in our selection of lights and lamps, have been awarded prestigious design awards for their excellent quality and functionality - so you can be sure to find stylish bookcase, shelf and cabinet lighting here.

Tips for Buying Moderne Shelf Lighting

Do you know exactly what type of light you need in order to get the ideal amount of light? Needs vary greatly, which is why there are so many different types of shelf lights and lamps. When making your choice it’s a good idea to consider certain factors, such as:

  • Do you want a lamp that’s easy to move, for example with a handle?
  • Do you need a cosy light or a clearer light?
  • Do you need your light to have adjustable light levels?
  • Do you need a flexible and moveable light source?

At Lampefeber, we love shelf lighting because it has so many qualities - it’s practical, functional and versatile but also stylish, beautiful and different. And that’s the experience you get with our selection of shelf and bookcase lighting - high-quality exclusive design is the first step on the way to lighting perfection.

If you have questions about our selection, for example LED shelf lighting vs. non-LED, you are very welcome to contact us. Our expert lighting specialists have lots of experience and can help you choose the perfect lamps and lights for the shelves and bookcases in your home.