Minipipistrello Cordless Table Lamp

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Designed by Gae Aulenti

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Cordless battery table lamp in a beautiful design

Minipipistrello Cordless is a beautiful rechargeable battery table lamp charged via USB. The table lamp is a mini version of the world-famous Pipistrello originally designed by Gae Aulenti in 1965 and where shortly after recognized as a classic. This table lamp retained the known design, with the beautiful opal methacrylate lampshade and the beautiful base, but has an LED light source integrated, rechargeable battery, and touch sensor. It can provide light 6 hours after charging, available in dark brown, white, and agave green colors.

If you want Minipipistrello Cordless on the tables in a restaurant, here is a fantastic addition. Emiliana Martinelli designed the Carrello trolley with wheels, two shelves in black lacquered aluminum, and solid beech wood handles. Carrello is designed to transport 12 Minipipistrello, and it is complete with a power supply for charging the lamps.

Product info Built in LED LED 2700 K, 350 lm. - H 35 cm. x 27 cm.