Battery lamps

Battery table lamps are more popular than ever. And with good reason. Battery operated table lamps are both smart and practical to use around your house. Plus, more and more battery table lamp manufacturers are able to combine design and functionality in an impressive way.
At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of exclusive battery operated lamps for your entire home. Our range consists of battery lamps from a number of popular lighting manufacturers, many of which have won international design awards. On our site, you can find battery-operated lamps, which are functional, look great, and provide effective light for many hours - with fast delivery, of course.
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Stylish battery lamps for anywhere in your home

Battery lamps can be found in almost any home. And there are many reasons for this. Firstly, battery-operated lamps are flexible because they can be used on a table, a bookshelf and other surfaces around your home where you need extra light. But they are just as easy to move to a different room when necessary.

Apart from their versatility, battery-operated lamps are practical because you don’t need to deal with visible cords cluttering up your space. This clever functionality means cordless table lamps can be even more stylish and act as a decorative feature in your home.

At Lampefeber, we have an exciting selection of large and small battery lamps, LED battery lamps and other types of lamps with built-in batteries or classic table lamps with a cord.

They all have in common the way they combine design and functionality to provide a beautiful and effective cordless lighting. Plus, we’re always adding new lamps, so you will be able to find great looking and exciting battery lamps for your living room, bedroom and all other rooms in your home.

Battery operated lamps for any style

At Lampefeber, we think it’s important to give you the freedom to choose a battery-powered lamp that perfectly matches your requirements and the room where you want to use the lamp. Perhaps you are looking for a beautiful battery-powered table lamp for your dining room providing a cosy soft light in the corner. Or maybe you need a battery lamp in your kitchen, or by an armchair with clear, focused light. Or how about a smart outdoor battery lamp to create a cosy atmosphere on your patio?

Battery operated lamps come in different designs, sizes and shapes, and different colours or materials such as wood, metal, glass and copper. You can also buy battery lamps with a range of practical features:

  • Dimmable battery lamps
  • USB rechargeable lamps
  • Portable LED lamps
  • Wireless touch lamps

As you can see, at Lampefeber, we’ve got everything in this exciting lighting category. In our selection of battery-powered lamps, you’ll also find great offers on high-quality lamps and lights at lower prices, as well as many other stylish lights and exclusive lighting collections. Whether you are looking for discounted table lamps with a battery or the latest lighting trends, we’ve got something for any style and budget.

Stylish light and lamp designs from international brands

At Lampefeber, we stock an exciting selection of designer battery lamps from several popular, international brands and lamp designers. That’s why you are sure to find high-quality battery-powered lamps with an emphasis on design, functionality and lighting.

Our range includes battery lamps from exciting brands, such as Martinelli Luce, Marset and LOOM Design, all famous for their elegant, stylish and well-designed lamps.

Tips for buying battery operated lamps

When buying a battery lamp online, there are some questions you can ask yourself to help you make the right choice. Asking yourself these questions will make it easier for you to decide which type of light you need, ensuring you get the right cordless light for your needs:

In which room will I use the light? Or is it for outdoor use?

Do I want the light to be clear and focused for work or soft for a cosy atmosphere?

Do I need a dimmable light or a fixed light source?

Do I need a fixed or a moveable direction of light?

Do I need a rechargeable lamp with a USB connector?

If you need help choosing the perfect battery lamp for your home or have questions about a particular lamp, you are welcome to contact us on +45 8636 1722 or We have many years of experience in lighting for your home, which is why we have a wealth of knowledge about different types of lights and lamps and how to choose the right battery lamp for your needs.