Hallway Lighting

The hallway or entrance is often the first thing people see when they enter someone’s home. That’s why it’s important to have hallway lighting that makes a good first impression. The hallway is a place where people pass through a lot, and the same goes for halls, corridors and landings between rooms. For this reason, it’s important to have lighting that creates the best possible light but also goes well with the decor in your home.

At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of hallway lights and lamps designed by international lighting manufacturers. Their focus on great quality, exclusive designs and impressive functionality means you can easily find the perfect lighting for your hall - with fast delivery, of course.

If you have questions about our range of stylish lighting, or need help choosing, you are welcome to contact us on +45 8636 1722 or mail@lampefeber.com.

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Large Selection of Lighting for Your Hallway

At Lampefeber, you’ll find innovative and functional high-quality lights and lamps and fantastic designs that often make the lights and lamps works of art in their own right. When you want to add new lighting to a room in your home it’s important to choose the solution that matches your needs. Because these can vary a lot depending on where a specific lamp or light is being placed.

In our online store we have a large and varied range of lights and lighting collections to give you plenty of inspiration for lighting in your hallway.

We want to make it an easy and simple process to choose lamps and lights that clearly reflect functionality, innovation and technology combined with elegant and stylish design. Whether you are after a large light for your hallway, a lamp for your small doorway or a completely different type of light, we have a huge, exciting selection of exclusive hallway and corridor lights.

And if saving on energy is high on your list of priorities then, of course, we stock a broad range of LED lighting for your hallways, stairways and landings. So, explore the large selection of hallway lights and lamps you find at Lampefeber.

Stylish Lighting from Award-Winning Manufacturers

At Lampefeber, we love high-quality lamps that ooze style and elegance. This is why we stock lights and lamps from a number of international lighting manufacturers with numerous design awards under their belt. These acknowledgements prove that it is possible to find lights for your hallways and corridors that not only provides the best possible light but are also beautiful, elegant and stylish - even when they are switched off.

If you’re looking for a beautiful hallways light, such as a cluster pendant, you should definitely have a look at brands like Marset, Fabbian and LOOM Design But if you need several great looking lights for your hallway we recommend checking out Martinelli Luce, and Grupa.

Our quality selection of lighting manufacturers gives you the freedom to choose between a variety of styles and designs - minimalistic and subdued or colourful and eye catching. At Lampefeber, we have it all, and we are always adding new models to our exciting range which also includes great offers on modern hallway and corridor lighting.

Inspiration for Your Hallway Lighting

When choosing lights for your home it requires some consideration in order to make the right decision. Choosing lights for your hallway, staircase and landing is no exception. That’s why we have highlighted some questions we believe are important to consider when buying lighting - they can also help inspire you for your hallway lighting or for other places in your home:

  • From which direction do you want the light from the wall, the floor or the ceiling?
  • Do you want a combination, for example wall and ceiling lights?
  • Do you need your light to have adjustable light levels?
  • Do you have plenty of space for a large light, or does it need to be compact?
  • Do you want a minimalistic and discreet light or a colourful and eyecatching light?
  • Does it have to be a lamp or is a light or spotlight an option?

How you make your decision on your hallway lights depends on several different things, such as how much space you have for a lamp as well as the actual size of the room. Because, naturally, there is a difference between buying a light or lamp for a hallway, a long corridor or, for example, a staircase landing ceiling light. But other factors may also play a part when choosing a light. Luckily, at Lampefeber you can get help and advice for your choice.

Do you have questions about our selection of hallway lighting? Or do you need inspiration for lighting in your hallway, corridor or other places in your home? Contact us and speak to our expert lighting specialist with many years of experience. They will be able to help you buy lights and lamps for your hallway that match your needs.