Funiculi - Beautiful, Functional Lights in Retro Designs

Funiculi was designed by the Spanish lighting brand Marset and is characterised by its absolute simplicity. In any case, this was the intention of its original designer, Lluís Porqueras, when Funiculi was created in 1979. In addition to simplicity, Porqueras also wanted to ensure that the lamp had a lot of functionality. The features of this lighting collection, including height adjustment and a 360-degree rotating lampshade, prove that he achieved this goal.

Despite its age, the lighting collection is still modern and amazingly popular. In addition, the Funiculi lighting collection received an update in 2012 that only made it even more relevant, attractive, and desirable... at least, that has been our experience at Lampefeber.

As part of updating the lighting collection with the retro look, a smart table lamp was added in the same simple yet sleek expression that Funiculi is known for. At Lampefeber, we have a selection of these beautiful lights in our range, including:

If you are looking for practical lights in a retro design, Marset's Funiculi lights are just what you need. The simple design fits in perfectly with various styles of interior design, and can easily be used to create a cohesive thread throughout your home. If you have questions about our Funiculi lights or our other lighting collections, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.