Floor Reading Lamps

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Great selection of floor standing reading lamps

A good reading light is essential when you are reading a good book. On this page, you can find all our excellent floor reading lamps that give pleasant and practical lighting. A floor reading lamp from Lampefeber is not only useful when you are reading a book. It can also create a cosy and homey atmosphere around the couch, table, or bed.

At Lampefeber, you can find a large selection of floor standing reading lamps from well-known different international brands. When you buy a lamp from us, you will get a high degree of quality and functionality together with a stylish design.

Find your new floor reading lamp here

If you want to enjoy your book to the fullest, it is undeniably important to have a lamp that produces good reading light that you - and especially your eyes - will benefit from. Exactly that, you can find at Lampefeber. We have an extensive selection of floor standing reading lamps with LED light bulbs that give the best lighting. An LED lamp is also an environmentally friendly and cost-saving light source.

If you would like to replace the lightbulbs in your current lamps at home, you can find our selection of LED light bulbs right here. Get ready for a lower electricity bill.

Why buy a floor lamp for reading?

A floor lamp is a flexible and functional solution that can perfectly fulfil any lighting requirements you may have for reading. However, in addition to being practical and efficient, your floor reading lamp should also be unique, stylish and positively contribute to the room’s overall appearance. You see, a floor lamp can provide good lighting and not only when you read, but also when you just need light in a dark room.

At Lampefeber, we have a wide range of designer lights for the entire home, including an extensive selection of floor standing reading lamps. All our lights combine functionality, design, quality, and technology, resulting in fantastic and eye-catching products from award-winning brands. Browse our range and find the perfect floor lamp with a great reading light for your home.

Get the perfect reading light with a floor lamp

Floor lamps are the perfect way to create a nice and cosy space where you can sit and read a good book. You can choose whether you want the light to project from behind you or from your side.

Our selection consists of various lamps that you can adjust. We have floor reading lamps where you can control luminous intensity. Many of our reading lamps have a design that lets you rotate the lamp’s arm to send light in different ways.

If you are looking for new reading lamps to get more joy out of your reading, you are guaranteed to find them at Lampefeber. Find the type of lamp that you prefer and buy it today.

International lighting brands guarantee high quality

At Lampefeber, our goal is to offer all our customers an exciting selection of elegant and modern floor reading lamps with plenty of functionality. Therefore, we feature a wide range of popular lighting brands, which have won a sea of design awards for design, quality and innovation. That means when you shop lamps at Lampefeber, you are guaranteed the best and most modern products on the market.

Whether you want a LED floor lamp with a reading light in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Lampefeber. We have a fantastic variety of floor lamps and standing lamps for reading from brands, such as Grupa, and Marset, which are ideal to use all-around your home.

In our range, you can also often find exciting new releases from a lot of our popular lighting brands. We are constantly adding new lights and lighting collections, so you always have a wide selection of lamps for your entire home. If it is a reading lamp you are looking for, you can, with advantage, take a look at our selection of:

Top tips when looking for a modern floor reading lamp

If you have your heart set on a floor lamp with a reading light, you should be aware of your actual functional requirements. To help you with the decision to choose the perfect reading floor lamp, we have created some considerations for you to make:

  • Do you want your lamp to be flexible and able to rotate or be angled differently?
  • Do you want your lamp to have different light strengths?
  • Do you want a colourful or colour neutral reading lamp?
  • Do you want your lamp to stand behind you, producing light from behind, or stand prominently as part of your room’s interior design style, producing light from the side?

Take a look at all our floor lamps

If it is not a floor reading lamp you are looking for, you can always explore our entire selection of different lights. If you need inspiration to find the perfect floor lamp for a particular room in your house, you can beneficially take a look at our floor lamps for different rooms in your home:

Whether you prefer a colourful reading lamp in a creative design, or you want a more minimalistic and colour neutral model, you can find it at Lampefeber. Explore our selection of gorgeous floor reading lamps, and buy a new light from Lampefeber today. We ensure fast handling of your order and quick delivery.

Do you want help choosing a stylish and functional LED standing lamp, or do you have any questions about our current selection of lamps? Then you are more than welcome to contact us and let one of our skilled lighting specialists help and give advice. Just contact us on +45 86 36 17 22 or mail@lampefeber.com.