LOOM Design

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LOOM Design - Modern Lights in a Classic Scandinavian Style

If you are a lighting enthusiast with an eye for high-quality designer lights at great prices, or you just want elegant lights in an attractive Scandinavian style, then LOOM Design is guaranteed to have what you are looking for.

LOOM Design is a Danish lighting company that operates out of Aarhus in Denmark. It is owned by the lighting company and wholesaler Lampefeber A/S, which has imported and sold designer lamps to private and corporate customers throughout Scandinavia for more than 30 years.

At LOOM Design, design, usability, functionality, and a high standard of quality are absolutely non-negotiable. The company particularly focuses on producing modern lights that have a touch of the popular Scandinavian style - which can clearly be seen in their range of attractive, cordless lights and outdoor lights. However, in addition to the modern and simple Scandinavia-inspired designs, LOOM Design also aims to produce lights that have a long lifespan and provide many years of happiness for their customers.

At Lampefeber, we select lights from LOOM Design with care and close attention to their quality, functionality, and design. Therefore, the lights in our range are well suited to various places around the home. If you want to know more about LOOM Design or any of our other lighting brands, or if you have any questions about a particular light, we are more than happy to help - get in touch on +45 8636 1722 or at mail@lampefeber.com.