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Egger Licht - Minimalistic and Functional Lighting

The Austrian lighting brand Egger Licht is known for qualities, such as simplicity, functionality, comfort and durability - qualities that, combined, result in impressive lighting solutions for both businesses and private homes.

Since the foundation in 1985, Egger Licht have designed tons of stylish wall lights, spotlights, ceiling lights, pendants and other indoor and outdoor lights and lamps. Particularly the company’s Design Lighting Selection (DLS) have provided lighting designers and enthusiasts with a large selection of lights for interior design in modern homes and surroundings.

If you like simple and effective high-quality lighting, then the Austrian lighting designer is definitely a great choice with their elegance, functionality and architectural feel being at the forefront. A combination that creates impressive solutions.

Large Selection of Lighting from Egger Licht

At Lampefeber, we carry a range of beautiful lights from Egger Licht that gives you the opportunity to add stylish lighting for all the rooms in your home:

Egger Licht is one of many brands at Lampefeber. But whether you are familiar with the Austrian lighting manufacturer or not, you can be sure to find a large exciting selection of beautiful, minimalist lights that give you effective and stylish lighting.

If you have questions about our range or a particular light from Egger Licht, you are welcome to contact us for advice on +45 8636 1722 or