Soho - Popular Lighting Collection in an Elegant, Classic style

The Soho lighting collection was created by the Spanish lighting brand Marset, which is a household name when it comes to modern lighting… and Soho is an excellent demonstration of why that is the case.

The inspiration for this lighting collection comes from the lights used in Spanish markets, taverns, and cafeterias. The Soho lights have a classic and timeless design, with a concrete-esque surface that creates a simple and industrial appearance.

At Lampefeber, we have Soho lights in well-known editions, such as Soho 38, 57 and 112. These are popular lights in different sizes that fit in with many different interior design styles and rooms in both private and professional environments. Our range features the popular Soho outdoor wall lights as well as other lights from the collection, including:

If you want lights in a classic style and with a stylish expression, then Marset’s Soho lighting collection is exactly what you need. Since many of the lights come in both indoor and outdoor editions, there is ample opportunity to create a beautiful, cohesive expression across multiple rooms. If you have questions about our selection of Soho lights or any of our other lighting collections, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.