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The Follow Me table lamp is a true icon

The Follow Me lamp is a timeless table lamp in a modern and minimalist design that is perfect for use in any room in your home. It is precisely the light’s ability to seamlessly combine beauty with impressive functionality that has helped create a bestseller.  

This simple and stylish lamp from Marset was designed by Inma Bermúdez. Her intention was to create a fashionable and contemporary lamp that was also extremely functional and flexible – and it must be said that she has succeeded in this. Follow Me’s beautiful wooden handle and clean, airy lines as well as the efficient light it produces and the opportunity to choose between multiple light strengths mean you are sure to gain a lot of happiness from the lamp as both a decoration and as a light source.

One of the many advantages of the popular Follow Me table lamp is that it is incredibly versatile. For example, you can use it indoors for reading, at night, or to achieve cosy lighting in the living room. However, you can also take the lamp with you into the conservatory or onto the patio on a summer evening. The lamp is easy to charge via its USB connector, making the lighting possibilities almost endless. It is simple, easy, and smart.

Multiple variations for different wants and needs

Follow Me is a true masterpiece in terms of lighting. But one of the reasons that this table lamp is still so popular, even after many years, is that Marset has managed to rethink its design and functionality.

Above all, the Follow Me lamp is available in multiple stunning and sophisticated colours, including classic white, warm terracotta, and serene blue. This enables you to choose the Follow Me lamp that best suits your tastes and your home’s interior design. The lamp, therefore, becomes an aesthetic focal point, and a sure hit among designer table lamps.

This impressive lamp is also available in different sizes. As an alternative to the classic (and popular) size, you can also purchase the Follow Me table lamp in a large size. This variant is both more eye-catching and produces more light than its classic predecessor, which makes it perfect for larger rooms and spaces.

Do you also want the popular Follow Me lamp?

There is no doubt that Marset’s Follow Me table lamp is an iconic lamp that is loved both throughout Denmark and the rest of the world. It is also a popular choice for anyone who wants a modern lamp that embodies functionality, versatility, and the pinnacle of design.

At Lampefeber, we do not doubt for one second that Follow Me will remain popular for many years to come. After all, who does not want a beautiful, efficient, and functional lamp in their home? Regardless of the colour or size you want, or whether you are looking for table lamps on offer or not, you can be certain that you are making a good purchase with this stylish table lamp.

If you have any questions about our range of Follow Me lamps or need help with your choice, we are more than happy to help you, so that you can be sure you are buying the perfect lamp for your home.