Baluna - Stylish Lighting Collection in an Eye-Catching Design

The Baluna lighting collection was designed by Grupa, a Croatian lighting brand known for innovative lights in unique designs. This is also a perfect description of their Baluna lights, which have an attention-grabbing and simple, black-and-white design.

If you are curious as to what the inspiration for this lighting collection was, you need look no further than the name. Baluna comes from the Croatian word “balun”, meaning “balloon”, which was a clear influence for the distinctive design that characterises the lights in this collection.

The Baluna lighting collection consists of multiple lights that can be easily incorporated throughout the home:

Grupa’s balloon-inspired lights are not only attractive and well-suited to different surroundings, but their built-in dimmers, adjustable height, and 360-degree rotating lamp heads also make them extremely functional. This combination results in Baluna being a perfect choice when it comes to stylish lights for the modern home.