Living room Lighting

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. That’s why good lighting in your living room, that not only gives the right amount of light, but is also beautiful and fits in with your decor, is very important.

At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of stylish living room lights and lamps from international lighting manufacturers. That is your guarantee for high-quality living room lighting and exclusive designs. Whether you are in the market for a hanging pendant light, a corner light or other types of living room lights, we stock a wealth of lighting options which will give you the light you need. And you get fast delivery, of course.

Explore our large selection to get inspired to choose lights and lamps for your living room or to buy online. If you have questions about a certain living room light, you are welcome to contact us for advice on +45 8636 1722 or

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Large Selection of Stylish Living Room Lights and Lamps

At Lampefeber, we stock an impressive range of living room lighting, which makes it easy and convenient for you to get beautiful and functional lighting for your living room. Whether you like LED, light dimmers or other clever functions, you will find the perfect living room light here in our online store, simply because we stock so many different types of lighting for your living room:

As you can see our selection of living room lights is large and varied at Lampefeber. And that is a great advantage for you when you are shopping for beautiful living room lights, whether you want to create a cosy light, a reading light or ambient light in your living room.

The many different types of lights and lamps also mean that you can find living room lights in many sizes, materials, colours and shapes, each of which is crafted in a stylish, high-quality design.

Get Inspired to Choose Lights and Lamps for Your Living Room

At Lampefeber, we are passionate about living room lighting, and our large selection therefore includes a wide range of beautiful lighting collections and lights and lamps for your living room. The living room is one of the rooms in your home where you can really let loose and give the room a beautiful and stylish lighting that will represent you and your personal style - and the same is true for your dining room lights.

If you need inspiration for choosing lights and lamps for your living room, then feel free to explore our large selection. We stock stylish living room lights from several international lighting manufacturers such as Egger Licht, Grupa and Marset.

Several of these renowned brands have won design awards year after year, not least for their many impressive living room lights like pendants, floor lamps and wall lights. So, you can be sure to find great inspiration for exclusive lights and lamps at Lampefeber.

Choose Functional and Beautiful Living Room Lighting

When buying lighting for your living room there are so many options and ways to combine different living room lights. Wall lights, corner lights, and table lamps create one kind of light, for example light from below or from the side, while spotlights, pendants and hanging living room lights can give a great light from above, such as over your coffee and dining table.

At the end of the day, many factors influence your choice of lights for your living room. That’s why you should consider these questions to increase your chances of choosing the perfect living room lighting:

  • Do you want to combine hanging ceiling lights with floor lamps?
  • Where do you want the primary lights source to be?
  • Do you need, for example, a reading light or a cosy light in your living room?
  • Do you want just a few or many lights?
  • Do you want your lights to be discreet or eye catching?
  • Do you want living room lights with a dimmer or a fixed light?

Whether you need cosy lighting or a modern lamp in a corner of your living room, you can be sure to find what you are looking for here at Lampefeber. We carry a large selection of beautiful living room lights whether you like minimalistic, colourful or intricate lights and lamps.

If you have any questions about our range, or need advice about living room lights, we would love to hear from you. Contact us and have a chat with our experienced lighting experts, with years of experience selecting lights for living rooms and other rooms in the home.