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Beluga - Elegant Lights in Unique Designs

The Italian lighting brand Fabbian is the genius behind Beluga - a decorative and stylish lighting collection that exudes elegance and originality, and is therefore ideal in both private and more professional environments, such as restaurants, lobbies and workplaces.

Fabbian is known for its modern lights that focus on functional solutions with unique style and design - and there is no better description for the beautiful Beluga lights. The lights in this lighting collection are made from crystal glass and polished chrome, and feature exciting functions, such as swivelling and tilting glass that allow for different lighting directions.

If you want elegant and stylish light designs, you are guaranteed to find something for you in the Beluga lighting collection. Whether you are looking for beautiful pendant lights, ceiling lights or other types of lights, there is an exciting variety to choose from in Lampefeber's range, including:

If you have questions about our popular Beluga lights or lights from our other lighting collections, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our lighting specialists will be happy to help you choose the perfect light.