Bathroom Lights

Great lighting in your bathroom is important whether you are in front of the mirror or under the shower. The bathroom is an important room where we spend a large part of our time. That’s why your bathroom lighting needs to be perfect.

At Lampefeber, we stock a large selection of bathroom lighting - both decorative and functional bathroom lights. In our store you’ll find a wide range of spotlights and LED lights for your bathroom, all created by international lighting manufacturers, so you are guaranteed to get high-quality beautiful designs - with fast delivery, of course.

If you have questions about our range of bathroom lights, you are welcome to contact us for advice on +45 8636 1722 or

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Large Selection of Stylish Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is not just a room where we shower - it’s much more than that. For many, this is a room where make-up is applied or the shave is done, as well as checking the last details of the outfit before leaving the house. So, in the bathroom you need exactly the right light for your different needs.

At Lampefeber, we have a large and exciting range of lighting for your bathroom as well as your other rooms. If you’re looking for great lighting for your bathroom, whether it’s Italian bathroom lights, wet room lights or a third type of lighting, we will definitely have plenty of choice for you - and of course our lights have the necessary IP codes that comply with the regulations for bathroom lights and moist.

Explore our exciting range where you’ll find plenty of inspiration as well as lighting for your bathroom, so you can make a great purchase. We are always adding new bathroom lights to our selection, where you can also find some great light and lamp offers.

Bathroom Lights Focusing on Quality and Design

At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of lighting for your bathroom. Whether you like spotlights or LED lights in your bathroom - or perhaps both - you’ll find an impressive selection in our online store.

We want to make it easy to achieve great bathroom lighting - that’s why you can choose all of the following types of lights for your bathroom:

The different types of lighting give you plenty of opportunity to achieve the perfect balance between the usual bathroom lighting that makes it possible for you to move around easily, and the work light you need in front of the mirror, for example. Furthermore, our bathroom LED lights also save you money on your energy bills so you can make the most of your bathroom lighting.

Get Plenty of Inspiration for Your Bathroom Lighting

At Lampefeber, we believe it’s important that you have the freedom to choose exactly the type of lighting you want and that you feel is right for your home - and your bathroom lighting is no exception, of course.

We stock a wide range of international lighting brands known for their high quality and exquisite light and lamp designs. These include, for example, brands like Egger Licht and LOOM Design. Many of the manufacturer’s lighting collections have also won international design awards. If you love Italian bathroom lights, we also recommend the manufacturer Fabbian.

Do you already know which type of bathroom light you want, or do you need new ideas and inspiration? We think you should explore our large lighting selection to get inspiration for lights and lamps for your bathroom that radiates exclusive style.

Advice for Choosing Bathroom Lighting

At Lampefeber, we want to make it easy to buy lighting for your bathroom - but we also want to make it much easier for you to choose the light or lamp that’s right for your bathroom. That’s why we think it will be a great help if you consider some of these questions when deciding on your bathroom lighting purchase:

  • Do you want more than one bathroom light?
  • Do you prefer recessed spotlights or more visible ceiling lights?
  • Do you need a light inside your shower cubicle or only outside of it?
  • Does the lights IP code make it compatible with bathroom use?

When buying lights for your bathroom it’s also important to understand the IP classification. This classification is a description of the light’s resistance and protection against water and moisture, which is of great importance when choosing lights that are safe to use in bathrooms and wet rooms.

If you have questions about our range of bathroom lighting or need help to better understand the IP classification, so you can find the perfect light for your bathroom, you are very welcome to contact us.

We have many years of experience in bathroom lighting, so we know how to choose the ideal lights or spotlights and we can provide some bathroom lighting inspiration, too.