Colibri - Elegant Lights in Simple Yet Striking Designs

The Colibri lighting collection is a set of minimalist and unique lights, designed by the Italian lighting brand Martinelli Luce. The lights’ expression is simple yet striking - just like a colibri (hummingbird). It is therefore no surprise where the collection got its name from.

The collection’s award-winning elegant and sleek design means that the lights are guaranteed to bring exclusive style to your rooms, both at home as well as in professional environments, such as office spaces and meeting rooms. At Lampefeber, we have multiple lights from this collection in our range, including:

The Colibri lighting collection has a minimalist, tubular design that will be the perfect addition to the majority of modern rooms. If you want good and understated lighting in a simple and stylish design, the lights from this collection are an obvious choice. If you have any questions about this lights in this collection or from any of our other lighting collections, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to help you find the perfect light for you.