Tam Tam

Tam Tam lamps Marset

Tam Tam - A Rousing Return to the Classic Lampshade

The Tam Tam lighting collection was designed by Marset. The Spanish lighting brand specialises in decorative lighting with attention-grabbing designs, which would also be an excellent way to describe this lighting collection.

For the Tam Tam lighting collection, Marset has focused on creating classic lampshades, taking inspiration from Pink Floyd's drum kit. This is what makes the name, which was coined after the sound of someone beating on a drum, a perfect fit.

At Lampefeber, we just cannot get enough of the Spanish lighting brand Marset and their many impressive lamps and lighting collections. We stock a variety of lights from the Tam Tam collection in our range, including:

Many of the lights in this collection consist of one central light and multiple satellite lampshades, which can be rotated 360 degrees, such as the pendant light Tam Tam Mini 3.

Since you are also able to choose between multiple different light types, variants and colour combinations, the Tam Tam collection will be able to add a decorative and colourful touch to any room. This makes the lighting collection ideal for both private and more professional settings, such as restaurants, hotels, and workplaces.

If you need help choosing the right light for you from this Spanish collection, or you have any questions about the many other lights in our range, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.