Picture Lights

Beautiful paintings and pictures deserve to be presented in the best possible way - and with great lighting, they will. That’s why it’s important to choose lighting for paintings and pictures that really bring out the details and enhance your enjoyment when you look at them.

At Lampefeber, we have a large selection of exclusive painting and picture lighting - and gallery lighting - made by international lighting designers. Whether you prefer spotlights, lamps or other lighting solutions, you can be sure to find stylish, functional and effective high-quality lighting in our store. And with us you get fast delivery, of course.

If you have questions about our range of picture and painting lights, or need help buying a particular painting lamp, you are welcome to contact us on +45 8636 1722 or mail@lampefeber.com.

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View Your Pictures and Paintings in the Best Possible Light

At Lampefeber, it’s plain to see that we care about functional lighting with elegant and exclusive designs - and lights for pictures and paintings are no exception.

Whether you are looking for a minimalist lamp for a painting or picture, or perhaps several gallery lights that will light up your art investments, or you own artwork, then you’ll find the perfect lights and spotlights here. We carry a large and varied range of exciting lighting solutions for paintings and pictures, including:

Apart from this type of lighting we stock a variety of other stylish lighting solutions, which are ideal for all the rooms in your house. This goes for concentrated light that creates focus as well as room lighting which makes it easier to move around and orientate yourself.

And we’re always adding new lamps and lights to our already great selection, as well as having some beautiful designer lighting on offers. So, there is lots to choose from, which gives you plenty of inspiration and freedom to choose the perfect light for your needs. No matter which style you are after, and whether the lights are for a gallery or a business, you’ll find an impressive selection of picture and painting lights at Lampefeber.

Painting and Picture Lights From Award-Winning Brands

At Lampefeber, we think that lighting for paintings and pictures is one of the most exciting areas of the lighting business. It’s simply amazing what good lighting can do for your paintings and pictures when it highlights every tiny detail of the artworks.

In our range you’ll find a variety of different lighting solutions for your home, your business and your gallery, such as painting lights, picture lights and gallery lighting. These are, for example, battery powered gallery lights, LED painting lights and many other exciting solutions.  This is because we stock lighting from a number of renowned lighting manufacturers who have won a wealth of design awards.

Whether you prefer spotlights, track lights, wall lights or a different type of stylish and functional lighting for pictures and paintings, we offer exciting brands like Fabbian, Egger Licht, and LOOM Design. So, explore the many different lighting designers, where you are guaranteed to find exclusive lighting that will put your pictures and paintings in the best possible light.

Find the Perfect Light for Pictures, Paintings or an Entire Gallery

Beautiful paintings and pictures deserve prominent spots and perfect lighting whether they are in your home, the office or a gallery. That is our opinion here at Lampefeber. This is why you deserve the best opportunity to buy the perfect picture and painting lights.

This type of lighting requires a slightly different approach than ordinary lighting for your home. Here, details often need to be accentuated, which is something that can be done in several different ways. So, consider the following in order to make the right choice:

  • Do you want ceiling spotlights or track lighting or wall lights?
  • Do you want more than one light?
  • Do you want your picture and painting lights to be combined with a different light?
  • Do you want light from more than one direction?
  • Do you want battery powered painting and picture lighting?

There are many things to consider. And picture and painting lights for your home are often different to gallery lighting. That’s why it’s important to make the right decisions regarding the great variety of lighting solutions that exist on the market. And we can help you with that.

At Lampefeber, we have many years of experience in picture and painting lighting for your home, but also gallery lights and other types of lighting, both for business and home use. If you’re not sure which light to choose for a picture, a painting or an entire gallery, then feel free to contact us for advice from our expert staff.