Egger Licht Wall Lights

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Add Modern Design to Your Home with Egger Licht Wall Lights

Wall lighting from Egger Licht is a clear example of how elegant modern lighting can be. The Austrian lighting brand specialises in developing beautiful lights that are functional and easily adapt to modern rooms and surroundings.

Egger Licht is a lighting brand that understands modern lighting. Its wall lights are characterised by exclusive style and high-quality materials, which has resulted in many international awards for the lights’ design, quality, and functionality. Whether you want an ultra-minimalist wall design or something more eye-catching, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your taste of quality and design.

At Lampefeber, we have a wide range of lights from Egger Licht. When it comes to wall lighting, you can find several variants of wall lights and spotlights that can be combined across the rooms in your home to create an amazing and cohesive interior design that allows the wall lights to really come into their own. Therefore, Egger Licht’s wall lights do not only produce good light, but also embody exclusive and eye-catching style.

Are you crazy about lights in sophisticated design and high-quality? Then, an unforgettable wall light from Egger Licht may be just what you are looking for. Browse our wide range at Lampefeber and find the perfect wall light for the modern home.