Grupa Wall Lights

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Designer Wall Lights from Grupa are Functional and Stylish

In addition to good overhead lighting from, for example, a ceiling light or pendant light, you also need complementary light from other lights. A wall light from Grupa produces good and flexible light while showcasing the highest level of design and quality.

The Croatian lighting brand’s many different lights can easily be characterised as being efficient, impressive, and functional, which means they fit in perfectly with modern rooms and surroundings.

At Lampefeber, Grupa is one of the many stylish lighting brands featured in our range. Among the lighting brand's most famous collections are Arigato and Baluna, which naturally contain wall lights. The combination of practicality and versatility with a sophisticated and contemporary style is what makes Grupa’s wall lights truly unique. It is no wonder that their lights have won international lighting awards and received wide recognition.

Are you crazy about modern lights? In that case, wall lighting from Grupa may be exactly what you are looking for. At Lampefeber, we have an amazing variety of impressive wall lights with one or two lamp heads, adjustable and movable lamp arms, and other smart functions. Furthermore, wall lights from Grupa are easy to combine with lights from other lighting collections or even other lights from the brand. Therefore, it should be easy to find the perfect wall lighting for your home.