Ambrosia Lamps by Ciszak Dalmas

The Ambrosia lighting collection, designed by Ciszak Dalmas in collaboration with Joan Gaspar, revitalizes the classic Linestra lamp. Now updated with a technical and committed design aesthetic, it is infused with a poetic flair. This series evolves from a simple light strip to a flexible, modular system that can be adapted to any space and need.

Ambrosia is characterized by its smooth, tubular structure. Initially designed for ceiling mounting, it now also includes a wall version. Its warm, diffused light fills the room and adds beauty, making it ideal for private and public projects.

Design and Functionality

The wall lamps are in three lengths - 60, 90, and 210 cm - and can be mounted horizontally and vertically. The integrated 24V LED SMD light source is available in three warm colour temperatures (2200 K, 2700 K, and 3000 K), allowing for the adjustment of light intensity as needed.

This lighting collection originally started as a unique decorative element in a luxurious multi-brand store in Madrid. Over time, it was revised to unite simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics. The linear and unique design, almost flat in its light segment, was made modular and asymmetric to create a soft and surprising light.

Modern lighting Solutions

The Ambrosia collection includes two versions of pendant lights: Ambrosia V 235, a 235 cm tall vertical structure with two light tubes of different lengths, and another version, Ambrosia V 130 and Ambrosia V 175, which connects three light tubes placed at varying heights to create a sculptural whole. This version has a dimming system for easy lighting control and is available in two heights of 130 and 175 cm. Both sizes can be electrically connected through the ceiling rosette or floor plug.

The metal-constructed frame is available in two finishes – black and matte gold. Ambrosia's design enables vertical light compositions that combine different sizes to illuminate large spaces or as standalone installations that fill the room with light and warmth. This series represents a new approach to flexible lighting, where maximum light expression is achieved with a minimalist structure.