Followme Terracotta Table Lamp

250 EUR

Designed by Inma Bermúdez

Model/Product no.: A657-084
Stock status: Expected delivery 1-3 working days

Modern cordless battery table lamp with terracotta handle

FollowMe with terracotta coloured handle, and the base is a modern cordless battery table lamp you easily can take with you. It emits a diffused light that can dim with the brass three-stage dimmer on the base, and the lampshade in polycarbonate can be tilted. The lamp is charged via a USB connector and illuminates for 20 hours at low intensity with atmospheric light, at medium brightness 10 hours. For full power, the lamp illuminates for 5 hours at full charge.

The table lamps battery is easy to charge with the included USB-c-cable.

FollowMe battery table lamp is available with handle in 4 colours and with oak handles in two sizes.

Product info 4,7W 240 lm. inkl. - H 28,8 cm. x 12,3 cm. - RAL 040-50-30
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