Tilt - Understated Lights in a Minimalist Design

Tilt was created by the German lighting collection Nyta, and is a collection of lights in a minimalist style with exciting functionality. The original and classic design can be incorporated into many different interior design styles, rooms, and environments, making Tilt lights perfect for both private and professional surroundings.

At Lampefeber, we cannot get enough of the many Tilt lights from Nyta’s collection. Since the pendant lights, wall lights and floor lights are available in different editions and sizes, it is easy to use the lights to create an impressive and cohesive style throughout your home. Our range features many lights from this collection, including:

Nyta’s Tilt lights have multiple smart and innovative functions and solutions, such as tilting and 360-degree rotatable shades, fabric cables with different colour options, and slides in the lampshades that enable you to adapt the light's expression as you want or need. This is innovative and functional lighting at its absolute best.

Do you want modern lights that have an understated and minimalist style? Then Nyta’s Tilt lights are the perfect choice for you. If you need help choosing a light from the Tilt collection or from any of our other lighting collections, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.