ICE BALL 10 Cluster Pendant Light

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Coming in June

Model/Product no.: 856-010.
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Create ambience with cluster pendant lighting

The ICE BALL 10 cluster pendant light opens the doors to a whole new world of lighting. Featuring 10 clear acrylic shades in a unique cluster formation, this pendant light offers not just light but an aesthetic experience in itself. The modern matte black canopy and cord, combined with the elegant chrome finish, create a harmonious balance between style and functionality, merging seamlessly with any space it enhances.

The impressive size and distinctive design make the ICE BALL 10 suitable for larger spaces, such as living rooms or foyers, where it creates an instant focal point. The lighting from the 10 LED lights at 4.2 watts and the warm colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin create a comfortable atmosphere that invites relaxation and cosiness. With this cluster pendant light, you get not just a light source but a work of art that transforms your decor into an elegant and atmospheric environment.

In addition to the ICE BALL 10 cluster pendant light, we offer other variants, such as the ICE BALL 5 cluster pendant light, which offers a more compact solution, our individual ICE BALL 1 pendant light, and battery-operated table lamps. Regardless of your needs, you can add the same aura of refinement and elegance to any room in your home with products from the ICE BALL series.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K 10 x 4,2W 2758 lm. - Shade 10,5 cm.
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