Dipping Light 30 Cluster Pendant

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Designed by Jordi Canudas

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Elegant cluster pendant light by Marset in fresh colours

Dipping Light 30 is a colourful round glass cluster pendant light by Marset. It is possible to make a very decorative and beautiful cluster pendant in different colours and sizes. The spider system provides an opportunity to hang the lights in groups around the room. The glass shade is dipped in colour three times during manufacture, and the different layers of paint are applied in circles, creating a unique effect. The graduated colour creates different moods when it is lit, the different shades of colours in the paint seep out, creating a magical glow in the glass ball. When it is off, the glass ball hangs decoratively with the beautiful colours, a beauty in itself. The lamp has a polycarbonate cover at the top of the ball, which rounds out into the spherical shape and comes in a matching colour for the pendant.

The canopies that can be purchased for the lamp are available in round and rectangular shapes in black, and they have a built-in driver for the lights. You can also buy ceiling hooks in black for the lamps, and they are mounted where you want the pendant to hang.

Find the ceiling hook and the right canopy for the number of lamps you need, under accessories on this page.

The Dipping Light lighting collection is expanding, and there is a selection of pendants, wall lights, cluster pendant light and table lamp versions, to provide solutions for more lighting needs.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K, 1024 lm. - Ĝ 30 cm.
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