Slat 70 black Poller Garden Light

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Designed by Klaus Nolting

Model/Product no.: 91032-BL
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60% discount on bollard light with adjustable light blade

Slat 70 black Poller is a brilliant bollard light that elegantly adapts to the specific lighting situation. With an adjustable 180 ° rotating light blade, it is a real light tool for all driveways and gardens. It can create different lighting with the variable rotating light blade, and in this way, there is the possibility of direct or indirect lighting. It has a built-in LED, dimmable, with an IP65 rating, and is made of aluminium with stained glass.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K, 8W, 280 lm. - H 70 cm. x W 22,4 cm. x D 9,3 cm.