Colibri Q System

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Designed by Emiliana Martinelli

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Impressive pendant light and wall light system

The Colibri Q system makes it possible to create impressive three-dimensional shapes in the room. The system has linear modules of different lengths you can connect, making a pendant light in infinite length. With the linear modules and a 90 ° joint, you can make different square shapes and create concatenations between the different modules. It is also possible to create an exciting wall light with the two wall brackets, there also allowing the wall lights to be mounted above each other.

Product info Built in LED 3000 K, - 580 lm. 3,5W L 30 cm. x 2,5 cm. / 1150 lm. 7W L 65 cm. x 2,5 cm. / 2300 lm. 14W L 130 cm. x 2,5 cm.