Clippo S Spot Ceiling Spotlight/Wall Spotlight

168 EUR

Designed by Egger Licht

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Ceiling and wall spotlight in 4 color combinations

Clippo S from Egger Licht is very functional with the spot, and it can be used as a wall lamp and
ceiling lamp. The lamp is made of aluminum, and the spot can be rotated 350 ° and tilted 90 °,
which makes it possible to make an exciting illumination.
The lamp is available in 4 color combinations black-black, black-gold and white-black, white-gold
and the lamp series Clippo can be combined with the lamps Saturno, Bali and Reed, all available in
the same color combination.

Product info Built in LED 3000 K, 915 lm. - H 9,1-13 cm. x 7,5 cm.
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