Glow Matt Gold Wall Light

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Coming in June

Model/Product no.: 858-001.
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Wall light creates elegant light patterns in golden hues

Glow Mat Gold wall light is a true gem in modern lighting design, combining style with spectacular functionality. This lamp features an elegant gold base and a round acrylic shade with a delicate ribbed pattern and indentation, beautifully capturing and reflecting light. The result is a mesmerizing play of light and shadows dancing across the walls, enriching any space with a mood-enhancing aura.

Crafted from carbon steel and aluminium, this lamp guarantees durability and aesthetic appeal. It is discreet and striking, with a diameter of 16 cm and a depth of 9.7 cm. The energy-efficient 6W LED light source emits warm light at 2700K, perfect for creating an inviting and cosy atmosphere. The wall light is an unmatched combination of style, functionality, and captivating lighting, ideal for anyone who appreciates finesse in their lighting choices. The wall light is also available with a matte black base and a round acrylic shade.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K 6W 690 lm. - D 9,7 cm. x 16 cm.
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