Modi White Floor Lamp

467 EUR

Designed by LOOM Design

Model/Product no.: 821-001
Stock status: Expected delivery 1-3 working days

White battery operated floor lamp with RGB

Modi FLOOR is an elegant battery-operated white floor lamp with a classic shade, that creates impressive lighting outdoors and indoors. The lamp emits LED light downwards and upwards and is with RGB in 7 colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The touch dimmer with a memory of brightness and colour temperature, as well as RGB adjustment, is located on the rod. The lamp is made of aluminium, with an IP65 rating, and can emit light for 9 hours before it needs to be charged, and Modi is easy to charge with the included charging base with a USB cable.

Product info Built in LED 2700-3000-4000 K, - H 150 cm. x Shade 35 cm.
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