Panorama L Earth Yellow/Grey Pendant Light

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Model/Product no.: 851-002
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Beautiful pendant light with an earthy yellow surface

The Panorama L pendant light introduces natural beauty into the home with its earthy yellow surface and grey interior. This unique combination of warm colours and sophisticated design captures the essence of modern lighting art at its best. Inspired by the beauty of rolling landscapes, the pendant light adds a natural touch to your decor. Designed with an eye for detail and made from the finest materials like felt, acrylic, and aluminium, it ensures the lamp's durability. It contributes to its distinctive and stylish appearance in any room.

The earthy yellow colour provides a warm and welcoming look, while the grey interior creates subtle depth and contrast, enhancing the quality of light for soft and comfortable illumination. This makes the pendant light, versatile, and ideal for various decorating styles, from rustic and close to nature to minimalist modern.

Equipped with built-in LED technology that delivers warm light at 2700 Kelvin and 1323 Lumens, the Panorama L ensures optimal lighting for cosy evening moments and functional work areas.

Available in two sizes and colour combinations of green/black, earthy yellow/grey, and mix black/grey, the Panorama L offers excellent flexibility and adaptability to match any room and style, allowing you to find the perfect pendant light for your home decor.

Product info Built in LED 2700 K 1023 lm. - H 21,9 cm. x L 105,7 cm. x D 52 cm.
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