Raindrop 25 Brandy Pendant Light

317 EUR

Model/Product no.: 842-003
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Ø25 glass pendant light by LOOM Design

Raindrop 25 Brandy is an elegant pendant light in hand-blown brandy coloured glass with a semi-transparent bottom, that can fit into any environment, modern and classic. It emits fantastic light and can hang alone, in a row or a cluster. The lamp's glass is finished with a beautiful gold plate on top and gold screws on the side. The canopy is in matt white, and the 2.5 m cord is transparent.

Raindrop is available in 2 sizes Ø20 og Ø25 in the colours brandy, blue, gold and white.

Product info Built in LED 1 x 6W 2700 K, 683 lm. - H 43 cm. x 25 cm.
Link to catalog https://issuu.com/lampefeber.com/docs/loom_design_catalogue_2024/6
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