Mamba Pendant Light

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Designed by Emiliana Martinelli

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White modular pendant lights by Martinelli Luce

The Mamba pendant lights are a modular system, and they provide fantastic lighting. The modules in curved shape are in white rotational moulded polyethene material. The pendant light in Ø70 cm. has four modules that give 6000 lumens, and Ø95 cm. has three modules that provide 9000 lumens, the one at Ø180 cm modules giving a full 18000 lumens so they can provide a lot of light in large spaces.

The lamp received the iF Design Award 2019

Product info Built in LED 3000 K, - 70 cm. 4 x 1500 lm. - 95 cm. 3 x 3000 lm. - 180 cm. 6 x 3000 lm.