Followme Blue Table Lamp

250 EUR

Designed by Inma Bermúdez

Model/Product no.: A657-085
Stock status: Expected delivery 1-3 working days

Trendy blue cordless battery table lamp with handle

FollowMe Blue is a modern cordless battery table lamp you can take with you, and get light where you need it, without access to an electrical outlet. The table lamp has a beautiful handle made of oak painted in RAL 190-80-10 colour, and the lampshade in polycarbonate can be tilted. The lamp base has a three-stage dimmer, and the lamp can provide light for 20 hours at low intensity with cosy atmospheric light and middle brightness for 10 hours. If you switch on full power, so you can read your book, for example, the lamp lights up for 5 hours. The battery is easy to charge with the included USB-c-cable.

The FollowMe battery table lamp is available with handles in 4 beautiful colours and with oak handles in 2 sizes.

Product info 4,7W 240 lm. inkl. - H 28,8 cm. x 12,3 cm. - RAL 190-80-10
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