Dipping Light Portable Table Lamp

453 EUR

Designed by Jordi Canudas

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Portable battery table lamp with colourful glass

Dipping Light Portable is a colourful hand-blown glass battery table lamp with a brushed brass cylindrical lamp base. The glass ball in glossy white, dipped in colour three times, ensures fantastic lighting. It can create different moods in the room when it is on and off. On the base is the dimmer, which provides three-stage brightness. If the lamp, which charged via a USB, is fully charged, it can light 20 hours at low intensity with cosy atmospheric light, at medium intensity 10 hours. If you turn on at full power, it bright for 5 hours. The battery is easy to charge with the included cable with USB. A round metal plate with a strong magnet clicked on the bottom of the lamp can be purchased if you want the table lamp to be stable on, for example, the boat and the garden table.

The Dipping Light lighting collection consists of a selection of pendant lights, cluster pendants, wall lights and table lamp versions.

Product info Built in LED 4,7W. 240 lm. - H 22,2 cm. x 12,5 cm.
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