Every space deserves great light
It's not a coincidence that at first glance, people often think the IP44.de outside luminaires are particularly attractive inside luminaires. After all, they are just as aesthetically perfect as the most sophisticated interior lights.
Design: IP44.de design luminaires for outside that you would like to have inside.
Clear forms. Precious materials. Filigree design. Pure expression. All these elements are far more demanding outside than inside. But they don't see that as any reason to compromise on our design claim.
Which they implement with the assistance of excellent external and inhouse designers, for whom outside luminaires have to be at least as perfect as the loveliest indoor luminaires.
Quality: For the IP44.de luminaires, the hardest test is just about demanding enough.
The full heat of summer in the middle of the year. Fog in the spring and rain in the autumn. Cold and frost in winter. Outside lights are exposed to extreme weather conditions. And so from the choice of materials through to the very last production details, IP44 design their luminaires to ensure that they will reliably withstand wind and weather. At any time of the year. For many years to come.


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