Lodes Table Lamps

LODES Table Lamps

Add Modern Style to Your Home with a Table Lamp from Lodes

At Lampefeber, finding the perfect table lamp for your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences is easy and simple. If you want a good table lamp for your home or workplace, we have an exciting range of table lamps in exclusive designs that are perfect for modern surroundings and environments, including table lamps from Lodes.

Until recently, Lodes created its impressive lamps under the name Studio Italia Design. While the iconic lighting brand has changed its name, you will still find practical and stylish table lamps that both produce good light and are beautiful to look at. The Italian lighting brand has won several international lighting awards and recognition due to its mastery of this combination, making their lights perfect for any lighting need.

In addition to table lamps, our range also features pendant lights, ceiling lights and wall lights from Lodes. Therefore, you have ample opportunity to achieve exclusive style throughout your home by implementing a cohesive lighting design across multiple rooms that creates a beautiful overall impression.

Whether you choose a table lamp from Lodes or another modern lamp, such as a battery-operated lamp, you are guaranteed to get an impressive combination of design, quality, and functionality. This is a standard that made Studio Italia Design famous and that Lodes continues to live up to now.