Lodes Wall Lights

LODES Wall Lights

Bring Modern Style to Your Home with Wall Lights from Lodes

Good overhead lighting is important for you to be able to move around your rooms as easily as possible. However, good wall lights can supplement overhead lighting in a completely different way, while adding a decorative element to your room. Wall lighting from Lodes embody this combination of efficient lighting and beautiful design, which makes them a fantastic choice of modern wall lighting.

The Italian lighting brand Lodes - previously known as Studio Italia Design - is a world-class lighting brand with a multitude of design awards to its name. Even though the name has changed, the brand still takes a cutting-edge approach to modern lighting. As with their pendant lights, ceiling lights and table lamps, wall lights from Lodes are created with the highest level of quality, design, and functionality in mind.

At Lampefeber, we have a wide range of modern lights that features an amazing variety of wall lights in numerous designs, materials, shapes, and sizes, including wall lights from Lodes. This means that you are guaranteed to find the ideal wall light for your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Studio Italia Design focused on producing contemporary and stylish wall lighting, and Lodes has kept its finger on the pulse of the lighting world. Wall lights from this Italian lighting brand make achieving innovative style in your home easy.