Lodes - The Spirit of Studio Italia Design is Alive and Well

Lodes is an Italian lighting brand that specialises in designer lamps and lights, and until recently was known as Studio Italia Design. Founded in 1950, Lodes has always developed and adapted its lighting designs to fit with the current trends. However, the brand’s commitment to being on trend does not only impact its lights, but also the company itself.

This is not the first time that the Italian lighting brand has successfully changed both its name and logo - and therefore, its transformation from Studio Italia Design to Lodes is a natural stage of the company’s evolution.

Lodes is an internationally known and loved lighting brand that has produced an amazing variety of beautiful lights for modern surroundings. Under the name Studio Italia Design, the brand focused on producing exclusive lights with plenty of functionality, understated elegance, and a modern design expression. Lights from Lodes are no different. You are probably already familiar with some of their pendant lights, such as Random, Kelly, Nostalgia and Skyfall.

Lodes is undoubtedly one of the best lighting brands in the world. The brand has retained its focus on the values and virtues that turned Studio Italia Design into an international household name. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find impressive and amazing lights for your home, no matter if you are looking for a Lodes light or a Studio Italia Design light. This is “Made in Italy” at its very best.

Lights from Lodes Are Synonymous with Modern Italian Design

If Studio Italia Design lights have ever caught your eye, modern lights from Lodes will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. The name may have changed, but the exclusive style and spirit is the same, so you and other lighting enthusiasts can still enjoy functional and sophisticated Italian design.

Lodes has a lot to offer when it comes to modern lighting, including pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lights and table lamps. That is why we carry a broad selection of their stylish lights in our range, along with lights from other popular lighting brands.

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